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If you really want to lose those inches you must first acknowledge that the responsibility for it is your own.

Many people spend their lives giving reasons for their excess inches, or explaining why their latest attempt to shed excess body fat has failed. I’m sure you have heard most of these excuses before, or maybe you have used some of them yourself?

Do any of these seem familiar? Have you used one or two yourself perhaps?

I know I’m going to upset some people here, but the fact is that there is only one reason why you are not the size you want to be - and that’s YOU!

Losing excess body fat is a simple equation. Your body expends more energy than it has been given, and the fat is burned as a result, so let me ask you two questions:

1.Who is responsible for putting the energy into your body?

2.Who is responsible for expending your body’s energy?

Time To Take Control
OK, we know the answers to the questions above, but the point is that until you accept this totally you will not be successful.

By using the excuses listed above, you are telling yourself that you are not to blame for your extra inches, and it is perfectly understandable why people do that, the immediate effect is soothing and comforting, it helps to dull the pain of being oversized for so long. The unfortunate long-term effect of this habit is to admit to yourself that you are not in control of the situation.

Is that such a bad thing? I mean, isn’t it worth losing your control in order to help take away some of the pain and heartache of being fat? Well, I know it’s certainly tempting, but the real problem is that by having no control, you make yourself vulnerable.

Often advertisers in the papers and on TV tell you that it is not your fault that you are fat, and the reason for that is that they want you to feel as though you are not in control, and therefore you must have their latest product, because without it you will not succeed.

I could write a typical advertisement:

It’s not your fault that you are fat, that responsibility lies with others - trust me I’m a doctor, I know about these things. That’s why you need my mega fat-burning exercise machine for $199. Just get your wallet out and I will make everything better for you. Your excess body fat will disappear overnight and you will never have to make up those excuses ever again!

It’s a bit drastic, but I’m sure you recognise at least some of it......... don’t you?

So take the plunge, accept responsibility  - not only for your size, but for losing some of those extra inches too. I know it’s scary, but once you have made the decision, you have a chance of making a success of your efforts to slim down.

Lose Inches Dot Info

Take Responsibility To Lose Inches

Lose Inches Dot Info

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Lose Inches Dot Info

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