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You are probably reading this article because you  think that you want to lose weight. Now I know what you’re thinking - “What does he mean, I think I want to lose weight? Does he think I don’t know my own mind? Of course I want to lose weight!”

Okay, of course you know your own mind, but please read on and I’ll explain.

I’ll start by asking a few questions: Would you like to lose a few inches off your waist? Perhaps shed some of that excess body fat around your thighs? Maybe you would like those hips to be a bit slimmer? Perhaps you’d like to drop a couple of jeans sizes?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of those questions? Check the questions again; did you notice how many of them made any reference to losing weight? That’s right - none of them, and yet you answered “yes” to them!

Time For A Re-Think
The fact is that size and weight are not directly related to each other. I’d like to bet that you wouldn’t mind too much if you retained your current weight but you still lost inches in from your body measurements?

If you eat properly and exercise, your oversized body changes. We know that if it’s done right, and if it’s done consistently, a healthier lifestyle will ultimately result in the body shape that you want, but that does not necessarily mean that you will automatically lose weight, and that is why you should throw those scales away.

Are You Still Concerned About Your WEIGHT?
So what is happening when your body size changes? Firstly your body begins to burn up the excess fat that is stored up in those troublesome areas.

The purpose of body fat is to store excess energy, and when you start to take in less energy than your body needs, it will burn fat in order to keep itself going. If exercise is taken at the same time as energy intake is reduced, muscles are stimulated to increase in size.

Now here’s the clever bit; size-for-size, muscle weighs twice as much as body fat. To help you picture this, a piece of muscle the size of a bag of sugar weighs twice as much as a piece of body fat the same size. So when you step on those scales, and realise that you have not lost any weight in an entire week, yet you have stuck rigidly to your diet and exercise routines, it is probably because muscle is replacing your body fat.

Lose Inches Dot Info

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Lose Inches Dot Info

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Lose Inches Dot Info

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