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Many people underestimate the importance of habits, especially when it comes to reducing excess body fat and losing inches.

We know that the body stores fat when it is given more energy that it actually uses, but is that explanation too simplistic? Why we do this to our own bodies? After all, in the final analysis it’s a form of self-abuse isn’t it?

For some people, the reasons are complicated, as they are related to comfort eating, or emotional eating This is a subject for discussed elsewhere in a separate article. For the rest of us, what is going on?

Essentially, we’re talking about habits. Habits are the actions that we take frequently, primarily triggered by the subconscious. In other words, we don’t have to think about doing the action, we do it automatically. To give an example, think of breathing. You don’t have to remember to do it, you do it without thinking - otherwise there would be disastrous consequences!

More About Habits
So are habits good or bad? At the risk of stating the obvious, good habits are good and bad habits are - well - bad! In terms of losing inches, here are some examples of bad habits;

Bad Habits

Do any of these strike a chord with you? By contrast, here are some good habits that all help in the effort to lose inches;

Good Habits

What do you think would happen to your body fat if you successfully introduced all five examples given above into your lifestyle - permanently?

Well that’s the theory - throw out all the old habits and bring in the new ones. Unfortunately if it was that easy you would not be reading this article now. Habits by their very nature are difficult to break, which is bad news in the case of bad habits, but great news for good ones.

More good news is that it is reasonably easy to deliberately introduce new habits, by repetition of the desired action until it becomes a habit - this can take a very short time in some instances! All that is needed is your motivation and your application. Remember, you’re in control!

Many people need extra help when embarking on a lifestyle-changing programme, especially when it comes to making and breaking habits, so for further help and information, check out my e-book, How To Lose Inches Fast

· Buying full-fat or full-calorie products from the shops
· Eating certain foods or snacks in certain situations e.g. eating popcorn at the cinema
· Eating certain foods or snacks at specific times, e.g. eating an unnecessary snack every day between lunch and your evening meal
· Failing to take exercise (yes, not doing something is a habit too!)
· Covering food with mayo or ketchup
· Filling your plate with what is obviously more food than you need
· Following every meal with a sweet
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Lose Bad Habits To Lose Inches

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Lose Inches Permanently

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· Buying low calorie or ‘lite’ versions of your food
· Choosing sensible foods when snacking e.g. eat an apple instead of a doughnut
· Eating when hungry - and at no other time!
· Taking regular daily exercise such as walking
· Eating sensibly sized portions for the size of your body frame
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