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We have discussed the importance of introducing exercise to your lifestyle, and we have looked at effective ways of making changes, in this article we will look at specific exercises that you can do to help you lose those inches.

This exercise is top of my personal list and I make no apologies for introducing it. In fact, it is such a precious activity that it is the only exercise I am going to discuss in this article. Why is walking a good - if not the best - option?

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the facts:

What The BBC Says About Walking

Walking is easy, you don’t need any special equipment or clothing and you do not need to make a special visit anywhere - you can start right outside your front door!

All you need is the determination to introduce walking as a part of your life. What you are aiming for is to brisk walk for 30 minutes every day.

Don’t try to achieve this target from day one, start off gently. For example start off with 10 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After a couple of weeks, introduce the routine to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. From then onwards, increase the length of time by five minutes each week, until you reach the target.

The key is to introduce the routine gently, so that it is not too much of a jolt for your body or mind, and therefore it is not likely to be rejected a few weeks down the line.

Where to Walk
If you don’t have anywhere pleasant like a public park to walk, then start immediately outside your front door and go around the block! There are no excuses; everyone has the opportunity to walk somewhere!

If you’re a couch potato, and you just can’t bring yourself to miss the latest episode of your favourite soap, there is still a way you can introduce walking to your lifestyle.

This is one of the few times that I would recommend a piece of exercise equipment - a treadmill. From personal experience get the motorised type; the type that rely on your own leg power to move the belt are not very user-friendly. I know they are not cheap, but if it gets you walking, get one! You can walk to your heart’s content and never miss a second of TV!

Of course there are many other exercises other than walking that you can do, but I want you to remember the golden rule for lifestyle changes - if you can’t see yourself doing it forever, don’t do it!

This article - like all of my ‘lose inches’ articles - is aimed primarily at the yo-yo dieter who has tried many times to lose weight without permanent success.

Exercising is one of the two main keys to losing inches, and I want to give everyone the best possible chance of introducing exercise to their lives permanently, and I believe that the introduction of a daily walking routine gives people the best chance of permanent success.
Lose Inches Dot Info

Exercises To Lose Inches

Lose Inches Dot Info

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Lose Inches Dot Info

· Improves the condition of the heart and lungs
· Works the muscles of the lower body
· Low impact exercise, puts less stress on joints than other forms of exercise
· Improves bone density
· Bolsters the immune system
· Helps prevent and control diabetes
· And of course, helps to reduce body fat and lose inches!
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