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There is only one physical factor that contributes to excess body fat and that is when the body does not use as much energy as it is given.

When the body is given more energy than it needs, the extra energy is stored as fat, to be used at a later date if necessary. If this imbalance in energy intake is consistent over an extended period of time, the results become visible in the shape of extra inches and extra size.

The diet industry will have you believe that the only way to break this cycle is to buy their information products, go to their weight-loss clubs and buy their special weight-loss foods. In the past, when man was a humble hunter-gatherer, there were no special weight-loss diet foods available, and I’m sure there weren’t many Neolithic people with excess body fat issues!

Clearly, your food intake is very important, and this aspect is discussed in Diets Don't Work (1) and Diets Don't Work (2), but in addition to changing your lifestyle in respect of food, in order to really get those inches moving, exercise should become part of your new lifestyle too

What Is Your Vision Of "Exercise" ?.
What mental image do you conjure up when you hear the word “exercise?” Leotards, gymnasiums, sweaty out-of-breath bodies, weights, cycling machines, rowing machines and treadmills? It doesn’t have to be like that, although if that’s your thing, by all means go for it, but it’s important to remember that we are searching for changes to your lifestyle that are permanent.

Remember the golden rule for changes; if you can’t see yourself taking on the proposed change permanently, even into old age, don’t do it. You may achieve results initially, but if it is not something that you intend to do permanently, then your results are not likely to be permanent.

Sometimes I hear that a friend or relative has been attending the gym three times a week recently and has lost a good deal of weight. I usually think to myself how unlikely the weight loss is to be permanent. How much longer will the gym sessions last for? Will she still be attending in 12 months’ time? Probably not. Let’s be honest, the chances of her still attending in 12 weeks’ time are not too high, and once she stops attending, you can bet your bottom dollar that the inches will reappear in a very short space of time.

Does this sound familiar? So what goes wrong? I mean, it all starts off very well and the weight comes off, but after a while it all stops and the weight comes back again. Why is that? The answer is that the commitment is too much, too soon. Your body - and indeed your mind - do not respond well to major changes. When a major change like the one above occurs, you and your body are taken out of your comfort zone in a big way, and the natural reaction in this case is to reject the change, and to revert back to the comfort zone. That’s when the gym session stops, and the weight comes back.

Make Changes A Little At  A Time
Not only do the changes that you make need to be permanent, but they need to be minor changes. If you have decided to exercise more, make it a small amount of exercise, and build it into your daily routine.

Don’t attempt anything drastic, you will not be able to maintain the change. The aim is to introduce exercise via stealth, introducing it gently so that the body and mind don’t really notice the subtle change. Once you have absorbed the first change into your lifestyle, introduce the next one, and so on until you gradually introduce exercise into your life to a point where the energy imbalance is reversed, and your body begins to burn off all that fat it has put by for later use. Then you will begin to Lose Inches!
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