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How about a punnet of strawberries, or a few oranges whizzed in a blender to make a smoothie? Have you tried cutting parsnips or carrots into wedges and roasting them? Come on, get your thinking cap on, you know what you like and what you don’t like!
Is your milk full fat? Switch to semi-skimmed, it tastes almost the same but it is half the fat. While you’re at it, try low fat cheese and yoghurt too.
Do you take sugar in your tea or coffee? Switch to low-calorie sweeteners.
Do you drink cola or similar? Switch to the low-calorie equivalent. You could even try water - it’s good for you!
What do you spread on your bread? Try one of the lower fat spreads if you don’t already.
Switch your usual bread for a wholegrain type.
Do you eat fish once a week? If you don’t like fish, fair enough, but a weekly helping of oily fish such as mackerel or tuna is very good for you.
Don’t fry your bacon and sausages, grill them, don’t fry your eggs, poach them - did you know that you can poach eggs in a microwave oven? Don’t fry your french fries, get the lower fat variety that you can bake in the oven.
Cut the fat off your meat before cooking it.

In the previous article
Diets Don’t Work 1 we looked at some of the reasons why virtually all people who diet fail to lose body fat on a permanent basis. In this article we will look at sensible alternatives to dieting.

Most of us know about the benefits of eating a healthy diet, but there is grey area between a healthy diet and a diet that is specifically designed to facilitate weight or size loss.

The diet product industry has latched on to the fact that healthy eating is the cornerstone of fitness, and they have grafted this sensible, reasonable practice onto their own products, so that you the unsuspecting customer don’t know where the sensibility stops and the commercialism starts.

Admittedly there is sometimes a fine line between the two options, but I recommend this rule of thumb: whatever measure you are taking, if it makes you unhappy and demoralised, it’s probably something to do with dieting.

True there is a small chance that the activity may not be something to do with dieting, but either way, if it makes you unhappy, don’t do it! Why? Because even if the activity you are doing has a measurable effect in your journey to lose inches, in order for it to have a permanent effect, you will have to continue doing it permanently, which in turn means that you will be unhappy or demoralised permanently.

Begin By Making Small Changes
Being unhappy or demoralised permanently is definitely not good. We need to find a better way. Lets begin by making small changes to your current diet. If you’ve been dieting in the past you’ll have a good idea of what’s good for you and what’s not, but here are a few tips to help you lose inches.

Health experts tell us that it is good to eat 5 portions of fruit and/or vegetables a day. Do you do this already? It may be that there are many fruits and vegetables that you don’t like, well that’s okay, we’re all different, just concentrate on the ones that you do like.

Don't Make Changes That Make You Unhappy
The above suggestions taken individually will not do much to help you in your quest to lose your excess body fat, but they all have two things in common; they are simple changes that you can make to your life permanently without making yourself unhappy; and when put together they begin to be part of your lifestyle change that will set you on your way to being fitter and slimmer.

There is no ‘magic bullet’ to lose inches, but there is certainly a wrong way to do it, and that’s dieting.
Diets don’t work!

Begin today by making some of the small changes listed above, and then think about adding some of your own. Soon you will be able to measure your results as you begin to lose inches!

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