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Ninety five per cent of diets don’t work. Sure, many of them can result in a short-term loss of body fat and size, but only one to five per cent of people who diet achieve long lasting success To add insult to injury, having put in all that hard work and cash only to see those inches go back to where you were when you started, the companies that have kindly taken your money from you then tell you it’s you fault that you’ve failed - not the diet!

At face value, that is quite a sobering and depressing state of affairs, but this article and the following one will give you a helping hand in making changes to your life that will make a real difference.

These are only a few of the reasons why diets fail - there are plenty more! The multi-billion dollar diet industry doesn’t want you to know this fact, they have managed to convince most people that excess body fat cannot be shed without enrolling for their weight loss classes, buying their special foods and buying their publications.

The publications are especially lucrative to the diet industry, not only do they make a profit out of you, the very product you have purchased is a powerful tool to help convince the reader that you cannot succeed without dieting and all the baggage that goes with it!

The important point to remember is - contrary to what they would have you believe;
you haven’t failed the diets - the diets have failed you!
They are focussed on food. You have to plan all of your meals, count the calories - or points - or sins, you have to avoid many of the foods that you really like, and so you constantly have food on your mind - the one situation that you don’t want, because you end being obsessed with food!
Diets are based on a rigid format; they make no allowance for personal tastes or the varying degrees that different foods satisfy different people’s hunger.
Following these rigid diets is a miserable affair. You have to eat salad while all of your family and friends are tucking into pizza. Or perhaps you tuck into a small apple when the guys in the office are celebrating a colleague’s birthday with cream cakes. How demoralizing!
Sooner or later you crack under pressure, and this usually results in a binge, which ultimately takes you right back to where you started  - sometimes you finish up larger than when you started!
For many people there are psychological and emotional reasons behind their size, diets do not take this account.
Diets very often neglect the crucial element of getting trim - exercise.
Lose Inches Dot Info

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Lose Inches Dot Info

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