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Lose Inches Dot Info is designed, owned and managed and by Adrian Jenkinson. The inspiration for the website came from a time when Adrian - a successful businessman - realised that he was out of shape (literally!) and started to research the best way to improve his health, his fitness and his shape.

After many false starts he developed an understanding of the diet industry - especially fad diets - and realised that most diets do not exist for the benefit of the user, they exist to benefit the diet industry commercially.
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Adrian then concentrated on the help and advice freely available by experts in the field, such as doctors, dieticians and fitness coaches, and put their advice to practice successfully, losing 5 inches from his waist and becoming much fitter.

The aim of this website is to gather all of the expert information that Adrian discovered into into one place, and make it available to you, so that you too can make the journey down the road of permanent change.